I very clearly remember the day that a close friend looked at me and said  

“No one is ever going to love you until you love yourself.”

For many years I lived my life from a place of low self esteem. I never really felt worthy or good enough. I wasn’t honoring myself in the way that I was living my life. No matter what I accomplished, it was never enough. What I didn’t recognize then was that until I felt worthy, until I truly had compassion for myself and loved myself, no external success would ever be enough. My friend planted a seed and yoga eventually came to nourish that seed. 

Through yoga, I discovered that I am enough, that I am worthy, and that I am perfectly imperfect.

I teach from the heart. I tend to keep classes lighthearted yet thought provoking, as this is what I believe the essence of yoga is, the constant study of the self. My teaching style could best be described as a devotional flow. By allowing the experience of being fully present in your body through a gentle flow practice with periods of longer holds to provide the opportunity to release old deeply held beliefs.  I have taught studio classes, college classes as well as private sessions. I have a passion for travel and specialize in yoga retreats,  and organize a yearly trek to Nepal. I offer classes, workshops, and retreats, all with the goal of helping others to open, discover and feel their own self worth.

I began yoga teacher training and have never looked back.

I am an E-RYT 200, and 500 RYT, which I completed through Moksha Yoga in Chicago.  I am also a certified meditation teacher and bring this grounding to all of my classes. The study of yoga is a passion for me, and I am always in awe of the deeper meanings that are revealed as the layers of our own self limiting beliefs are peeled away.  

No matter what setting, in my teachings you can expect to work with the breath creating space to allow the mind to let go, a physical practice to move from a space of thinking to one of being, where you can release the areas of tension that develop from habitual patterns, and lastly you can expect a perfectly imperfect space. I understand we all arrive on our mats with different life stories, but whatever your story, you have the power to transform your way of thinking, feeling and being.

I am honored to be a part of your journey to transform.