For as long as I can remember I have loved to explore. This sense of wanderlust has led me all over the world, and it is such a great joy for me to share this adventure with others! Through travel I have found that you learn a great deal about yourself, so yoga retreats offer a unique opportunity to become deeply curious about long held thought patterns and grow beyond self limiting beliefs. These very special journeys allow you to practice in a setting surrounded and supported by nature, as well as a group that uplifts you. I am honored to be your guide on these magical adventures.



Divine Play Croatia: Women's Yoga and Meditation Retreat

July 14-21, 2019


Divine Play Retreats are designed to embrace playful exploration. Together, as women, we create a safe place to celebrate your own unique beauty. Through the practices or yoga, meditation and exploration, set down the sense of obligation and recall the deep inner joy of community, connection and play. 

All levels of practitioners are welcome!

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The Transformation Trek: Nepal

Sep 30-Oct 12, 2019


 On our yoga trekking adventure experience the physical, mental and spiritual essence of yoga through asana, pranyama and meditation.  Each mindful step we take on our trek is infused with beauty and gratitude as we connect with the body, mind and spirit. On your mountain journey, feel the vibrant Sherpa culture and the endless support of nature around you.

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